Three of our most popular slow smoked meats from our menus are now available to order direct, to reheat and create your own restaurant quality BBQ dishes at home.
  • QUICK & EASY: we take the time and skill out of barbequing - ready to eat within 15minutes, simply place the bag in a pan of simmering water to reheat
  • VERSATILE: our meats are simply seasoned and smoked until moist and tender, so you can create your own culinary masterpieces at home to suit your style. Check out our menus online for inspiration!
  • QUALITY & LOCALLY SOURCED: we source our meat through an award winning Scottish craft butcher from Aberdeen (H&S Milne & Sons). By vacuum packing our smoked meats as soon as they are pulled, we lock in the moisture and incredible smoke flavour, so our customers can enjoy our BBQ meats at home, just as good as we'd serve in person.