We are buzzing to announce our latest retail product and collaboration project with Aberdeen's Big Beefys Biltong!
We met Matt from Big Beefys earlier in the year after discovering we both use the same local Scottish craft butcher for our businesses (Corey's uncle Kenny, of H&S Milne and Sons). What started off as a bit of fun between two foodies ended up in us creating a fantastic new snacking product we wanted to make available to everyone! This is nothing like we've done before and it was great to work together on this project and learn all about the craft of making exceptional biltong.
Our epic Sweet and Smokey Bacon Biltong is brought to you by a special collaboration between Big Beefys Biltong and Smoke and Soul, both of us being based in Aberdeen, Scotland. One day we decided to trial Bacon Biltong using our homemade pulled pork rub with a few alterations to suit and BOOM! Big Beefys Bacon Biltong was born!
Get in on the action and make your bacon dreams come true.