Smoke and Soul at BREWDOG AGM 2019


WOW!!! What a F@#KING weekend!!! We were honoured to be a part of the EPIC line up of food traders at Brewdog's 'annual general mayhem' this weekend. Non-stop sandwich slinging on Saturday from 1-6pm and a slightly more manageable day on Sunday, which meant we could all take breaks and enjoy the event with our fellow punks - perfect weekend if you ask me!

When we were in the early stages of setting up our BBQ street food business in September 2017, we both had the same dream of tackling the Brewdog AGM one day. It was at the top of our wishlist for local, large-scale events we wanted to secure in our diary but - in all honesty - we thought it was a pipe dream that was way out of our league.

Nonetheless, in January 2019, we got the call that Brewdog wanted us to be there, but we'd need to double our stall footprint, triple the team and figure out how the hell we we were going to smoke the amount of meat we needed from our back garden smoker set up, to reach the numbers they were suggesting... We had less than three months to figure it all out (whilst still working full time jobs!). "Say yes, then figure it the fuck out"  - that's generally our rule of thumb for how we tackle each new challenge we face, running a business for the first time!

We got to work on creating our new, double-the-fun stall front, ordered in a few extra Smoke and Soul sweaters to rep the team and purchased a second Traeger Timberline 1300 to manage the motherload of meat we had to smoke.

We're a little broken but feeling so grateful for the opportunity we had this weekend. Feeling like we can tackle anything after this weekend! Just goes to show if you work hard and stay determined, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

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